This just in the six week delay for Dragon Age Inquisition will be used to add more chest hair to Varric Tethras. 

opps posted this on the wrong blog oh well

so im following new peps. great art !

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AhhH!! Thank you so much! :w: I really appreciate the follow and compliment!

Iris doodles ahoy!

/facetouch hey xoxoxo

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N i k k i

/facetouch hello friend how are you I miss you so much muah muah

Here is a cropped Sailor Moon print I made for mechacon !  

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Heyo Heyo I’m working on some Mechacon stuff on stream. If anyone wants to drop by and waaaaatch.

Just heads up that you might want to mute me and bring your own music. My playlist consists of game osts, some english stuff and then a lot of anime trash imsosorry.

Hashtag Grey Warden shaming

remember dont design ocs until after you read rp group faqs

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  1. What color best represents them?
  2. If they were an animal, which would they be?
  3. Which music genre would best describe your Inquisitor?
  4. What season reflects their personality best?
  5. If your Inquisitor was a force of nature, what kind would they be? (hurricane, earthquake, etc.)

Hi. Um, I don't follow you or anything so really I know nothing about you but I found you through the 'inquisitor' tag and I just thought I'd drop by and say that oh my god, both your inquisitor AND your wardens are like hella cute

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whaaaaat oh my gosh this was so unexpected and I just. Oh my goodness.

Thank you so much!!! You don’t know how happy I am right now I am legit tears gnfjdnhjfdhnjfndafhhHHHH. Thank you thank you! Its always a pleasure knowing that people like my Inquisitor and Warden bbies.

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